Welcome to CM-Tec
Profile: Who We Are
Since startup in 2001, CM-Tec has been gradually emerging as a unique service provider to the niche of contract or custom polymer synthesis and
research worldwide. Its customers have been coming from many countries, such as USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden,
Switzerland, Norway, Portugal, Israel, South Korea, China, Singapore, Japan, and Chile, etc., largely falling into pharmaceutical, biomedical, and specialty
polymer material fields.

CM-Tec provides a variety of services to customers in pharmaceutical, healthcare, cosmetic, chemical, and material industries, including custom or
contract polymer and organic synthesis, polymer design, polyphosphazene synthesis, oligomer synthesis, Pegylation, ethoxylation, hydrogel design and
synthesis, specialty polymer synthesis, hydrophilic and amphiphilic polymer synthesis, etc. The expertise of our technical staff covers polymer design and
synthesis, organic synthesis, and

Service: What We Can Do For You
CM-Tec strives to offer high quality services in different ways, for instance, custom or contract polymer and organic synthesis and manufacture, polymer
research or design, oligomer synthesis, hydrogel and biopolymer synthesis, etc. Please see the details by browsing:
Polymer Synthesis  
Organic Synthesis
Polymer/Biodegradable Crosslinker
Hydrophilic Polymer/Amphiphilic Polymer
Oligomer/ Hydrogel
Custom or contract polymer and organic synthesis are our core services. more...
CM-Tec, Inc., Delaware Technology Park, 1 Innovation Way, Suite 100, Newark, DE 19711, USA,  Tel: (302) 635-9217, Email: info@cmtec-inc.com