CM-Tec carries out custom polymer synthesis and contract polymer research to meet our customers'
outsourcing needs. A large array of companies use our services and lab facilities for their various needs;
some companies even take our services as the extension of their research or synthesis capabilities. Our
customers come from different countries, mainly located in North America, Europe, and Asia; the
organizational category covers private companies, universities, national labs, etc.
We provide custom polymer
synthesis services to our clients
by using various polymerization mechanisms, for example,
With some appealing features, living polymerization methods enable us to make well defined polymers such as
polymers with well controlled molecular weight and narrow distribution, block copolymers, end-functionalized
polymers, etc. Anionic polymerization has been an extensively used living method thus far in our lab
; going to
the page of
Anionic Polymerization, you may see some more detail.

The polymers or specialty polymer products that we have custom made for our clients include homo- or  co-
polymers, hydrophobic polymers, hydrophilic polymers, amphiphilic polymers, phosphazene polymers,
functionalized oligomers, ethoxylates, fluorescent dye-tagged polymers, biocompatible polymers,
biodegradable polymers, hydrogels, etc. We encourage you to tell us your special needs, so that we can
effectively work with you to design polymers, and develop and optimize polymerization processes as well.

Additionally, we also conduct organic compound synthesis. Oftentimes we synthesize special monomers as a
part of work to make final polymers.

Our lab facilities are well equipped for performing different polymerization processes, such as solution,
emulsion, suspension, bulk polymerizations, etc. The batch scale could vary from milligrams to tens of
Polymer Crosslinkers
Biodegradable Crosslinkers
Amphiphilic Polymers
Anionic Polymerization
Ring-Opening Polymerization
Free Radical Polymerization
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