Oligomer Synthesis

Functional (or functionalized) oligomers are becoming more important in the fields of drug delivery or
release, gene therapy, and cancer therapy, etc. For these applications, oligomers are usually desired
to possess some unique attributes, e.g., very low molecular weight, narrow molecular weight
distribution, containing functional groups, well defined structure, proper hydrophilicity or
amphiphilicity, etc. That is why synthesizing oligomers involves a lot of technical challenges. Due to
our rich experiences in various special polymerization techniques, CM-Tec has been providing strong
synthesis supports to our clients to meet their special needs.

In order to synthesize functional oligomers, some special techniques are often applied, for instance,
synthesis method design, functional group protection / deprotection, controlled polymerization,
anaerobic and anhydrous operation, preparative gel permeation chromatographic (GPC) separation,
and so forth. Good readiness in these technical aspects makes CM-Tec be able to facilitate its
customers achieve their outsourcing goals in this field.
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