Hydrogels, a type of promising materials, are made of crosslinked water-soluble polymers. Because of
crosslinks, hydrogels can absorb water and get swollen, but cannot be dissolved. Through many intricate
customizations, a hydrogel can be sensitive or responsive to the fluctuations in its external environment,
such as, temperature, pH, ionic strength, electric stimulus, etc. Please see the
Table of Response-to-
Conditions for responsive features. Thus, a hydrogel can intelligently alter its properties, e.g., configuration
dimension, aqueous liquid swelling, permeability, diffusibility, and degradability, in response to stimuli from
environment. Due to these unique features, hydrogels are being utilized in numerous novel biomedical and
drug delivery systems, and other unique applications.

Typical Examples:
• A smart hydrogel material (Ion strength & temperature responsive) synthesized for a company, which was
then made into a kind of sensor used in the saline environment.
• A temperature sensitive hydrogel was delivered to a client for wound dressing applications.
• Diverse functional wound dressings were designed and synthesized for different
application purposes, such as oral wound dressing, photodynamic dressing, and other similar product -
face mask films.

To meet broad needs in this area, we are continuously expanding our
product base; meanwhile,  we
endeavor to provide high quality contract services in hydrogel design and synthesis.
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