Hydrophilic and amphiphilic Polymers

Hydrophilic and amphiphilic (or amphipathic) polymers are friendly to aqueous liquids and hydrophilic
application conditions. Particularly, due to the combined features of hydrophobic and hydrophilic groups
or chain sections, amphiphilic polymers may demonstrate excellent biocompatibility, which is an
important merit for controlled drug release and many other valuable applications.

Hydrophilic Polymers
Hydrophilic polymers are synthesized to contain hydrophilic units or groups, e.g., ethylene oxide unit,
carboxyl, hydroxyl, amino groups, etc. Therefore they can easily dissolve in water or aqueous solutions.
Water-soluble polymers can be used as thickeners, wetting agents, colloidal dispersants, water
descaling agents, etc., in medicine, food, cosmetic, coating, ink, and other products or processes.

Amphiphilic Polymers
Incorporating certain amounts of hydrophobic comonomers to the hydrophilic polymers leads to
amphiphilic (or amphipathic) copolymers that prefer to be located at interfaces between oil and water.
This feature is a great benefit to controlled drug release, gene therapy, and cancer therapy, etc.

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