Polydichlorophosphazene (PDCP) is one of our key products. Our proprietary methods allow us to synthesize linear
polydichlorophosphazene. By using the methods, the molecular weight of PDCP can be well controlled, and also narrow
polydispersity can be obtained. Upon customer's request, PDCP with different molecular weights, from 1 K to 500 K, can be
synthesized in either grams scale or tens of kilograms scale in our lab.

PDCP is a key intermediate for access to a broad range of phosphazene polymers. As shown in the following scheme,
through nucleophilic substitution approaches, various polyphosphazenes can be synthesized from PDCP.  

Substituents (see the list below for some examples) may largely determine the properties of polyphosphazenes, e.g.,
hydrophobicity or hydrophilicity, glass transition temperature (Tg), etc. This feature plus the biodegradable backbone chain
makes polyphosphazenes uniquely useful in drug release or delivery systems, biomedical devices, membrane or hydrogel
systems, etc.

With our expertise in this field, we can provide you technical support in design and synthesis of various phosphazene
polymers. Also please click
here to see our phosphazene polymer products.

Some examples of nucleophilic substitional groups (-R) :
-Alkyl groups
-Alkenyl groups
-Fluoro groups, e.g., -CH
2CF3, -C(CH3)2CF3, -C(CF3)C6H5, etc.
-Aryl groups, e.g., -C
6H5, -C6H4R’, -C6H4NH2, -C6H4COOH, -C6H4COH, -C6H4OMe,
6H4SO3H, -CH2C6H5, etc.
-Amine groups, e.g., -R'NH
-PEG groups, e.g., -PEG-OMe
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